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We are a horticultural consultancy company based in Norfolk who advise wholesale nurseries around the UK.  To the left is an index showing you the various services we provide. 

Due to the rapidly changing position on pesticide approvals and revocations please call the office for the current updated lists. 

Updated information sheets available from February 2024 on fungicides and insecticides, showing resistance information.

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   John Adlam                                             

John Adlam CHort, FCIHort, MBPR (Hort)
John Adlam grew up on the family nursery and subsequently trained at Writtle and Hadlow. He was later awarded a Nuffield Scholarship and went on to study in Australia.  His Jobs have been varied and they include European Research and Development Manager for an multi-national irrigation company and Technical Advisor to a major East Anglian nursery stock producer.
He held the post of Secretary and Treasurer for many years and was President in 1999 of the IPPS.  He is an industry advisor and sits on many legislative bodies providing a "grass root" view on important issues of the industry.  He frequently participates in workshop programmes around the UK. John is a Chartered Horticulturist, Nuffield Scholar and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture.

Abi Rayment BSc, MSc, MBPR (Hort)
Abi Rayment undertakes regular crop walks for a range of nurseries in the UK, having studied at Hadlow and Writtle where she obtained her Masters degree in horticulture.  As well being able to set up and monitor trials, carry out full nursery audits and run workshops, she has a keen interest in biofumigation and compost tea.  Abi carries out crop walking as well as a wide range of services for product registration, pesticide approvals and EAMU applications. 

Dove Associates
Dove Associates was founded by John in 1985 with the aim of supporting nurserymen in all the tasks of growing.  The company provides a wide range of technical, managerial and financial services to the nursery industry from a sound practical base.  Nursery planning and technical advice on developments are provided at all stages, including the preparation and presentation of the various grants available.   Our client base covers 50% of the UK HONS production.



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